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VACCINES:  It doesn't matter if your cat is indoor or outdoor, they can still be exposed to serious diseases.  Certain feline diseases, such as Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR), are airborne, meaning that even sheltered indoor cats are susceptible.

HIDDEN MEDICAL CONDITIONS:  Cats are experts at masking their symptoms.  If their illness has gotten to the point where you are noticing it, it's probably quite serious.  Regular vet check-ups can reveal hidden medical conditions before they become emergencies.  Some conditions your cat may hide are Hyperthyroidism, Poor kidney function, Diabetes, Cancer, Dental issues, Heart issues and many more.

With annual vet visits, the vet can perform diagnostic testing, assess any changes you may have noticed in your cat's behavior (even small changes may signal big problems) and administer preventive care.

Dental problems are quite common with cats,  Your cat may be suffering from lesions, tooth rot, infection or a variety of other conditions.  These are painful and can lead to even bigger probems down the road.  With preventive dental care and a vet to look at your cat's mouth before it gets too bad, your cat will stay pain-free and healthy.

PARASITE PREVENTION:  Even indoor cats are at risk for parasites.  Fleas can get in riding on a visitor's clothing and then jump onto your feline friend.  Outdoor cats are at an even greater risk.  Either way, a check-up is a great time to set up a parasite prevention plan.  Your veterinarian will make recommendations about the best way to both prevent and control these pests.


With annual appointments, you will avoid health emergencies that are not only costly, but negatively impact the quality of your cat's life.  It doesn't matter how old your cat is, whether they are outdoor or indoor, or what breed they are; they can't tell us when something is wrong so we need to check-up on them regularly.  Check-ups are essential for helping your cats live long, happy, healthy lives.